POLYPOXY is a 2-liquid type, fast curing Modified Polyurea/Epoxy Resin, which is used for the multiple purpose primer coating and speedy repair/reinforcement. POLYPOXY retains the high grade of adhesion property permeating into the base materials. POLYPOXY provides the excellent adhesion characteristic with those 2ndary coating materials inclusive of urethane, epoxy, sealant and polyurea. Particularly, POLYPOXY is a applicable for using with no blasting on rusted steel surface. POLYPOXY product is designed to be applicable for low temperature curing, which can be used for urgent repair & reinforcement as mixed with sand, gravel, silica & etc. demonstrating strong hardness after curing process.


  • Use

    • Reinforcement of repaired concrete
    • Concrete refacing coating
    • Bridge deck repairs
    • Floor crack repair
    • Parking floor repairs
    • Concrete roof & Balcony deck repairs
    • Chemical resistance required floor
    • Emergency winter maintenance∙reinforcement
    • Cold storage maintanance∙reinforcement
    • On rusty steel
  • Features


    • Extremly low viscosity, will penetrate concrete for per-manent   bonding
    • Can be either hand mixed or applied through low or high   pressure plural component pump systems
    • Extremly Self Leveling 
    • Specifically can be use for rusty surface
    • Can be mixed with industrial quartz sand to make a durable   polymer concrete
    • Can be mixed with silica flour, sand 
    • Compression, abrasion resistance and excellent durability 
    • Minimum surface preparation required
    • Adhesion, heat resistance, cold resistance
    • Good Chemical or oxidation resistance


  • Dry properties


    • Tensile strength ASTM D 412 32 Mpa
    • Elongation 6%
    • Compressure Strength Above 20 Mpa
    • Hardness (Shore D) Above 71
    • Bond Strength(On steel surface) 8 Mpa
    • Bond Strength(On rust surface) 8 Mpa
    • Bending Strength Above 19 Mpa
    • Color Light Amber
    • Tack free time(20oC)  Within 4 min



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