POLYTOP 200HB is a dual-component, high-temperature and high-pressured spray type polyurea coating material with main ingredients including urethane bond and urea bond. It’s curing is so fast that coating film forms in seconds. POLYTOP 200HB is a rigid modified polyurea that has excellent wet properties including impact resistance, abrasion resistance, high tensile strength, high elongation, water resistance, cold resistance, chemical resistance, and high adhesion.


  • Use

    • For waterproof and protection coating of concrete structures.  (Exposed, non-exposed, and under-water areas)
    • For coating flooring in industrial facilities, plants, parking lots,   and general storage.
    • For coating various waste water disposal plants and waterlogged parts in water tanks.
    • For repairing and reinforcing coating of structures and concrete structures
  • Features

    • Super fast curing modified polyurea.
    • High tensile strength and elongation.
    • Excellent waterproofing and anti-corrosion performance.
    • Solves sheet connection defect.
    • Environmentally safe and not harmful for humans.
    • Can be applied to various surfaces.
    • Can be applied during winter time.
    • Requires spraying equipment specifically made for 1:1 ratio mix.
    • Available in basic colors as well as custom made colors.


  • Dry properties

    • Tensile strength KS F 4922  2300±200psi  
    • Elongation  400±50% 
    • Hardness (Shore) 90±5 (A)  45±5 (D)  
    • Tear strength  65±5 N/㎟ 
    • Abrasion resistance (1kg, 1000rev)   58mg(CS-17)
    • Impact resistance (Thickness1mm)  Above 1.5kg.m
    • Tack free time  Within 10 sec



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