Poly top-500HB

is a high-temperature high-pressure spray type dual-component polyurea coating agent. It is a rigid type coating material suitable for steel protection offering excellent resistance to abrasion, impact, chemical, water ans salt water, also offering excellent tensile strength and adhesion. It is an effective coating material for industries related to drinking water and regeneration pipe since it is 10% solid and has 0% volatile organic compounds.

  • Use

    • Coating of steel pipe for drinking water
    • Coaitng of old pipe for regeneration
    • Coating of drinking facilities
    • Coating of steel parts where abrasion resistance is required
    • Coating of steel parts where impact resistance is required
    • Coating of steel structures where coating repair is required
    • Coating of steel structures where protective coating is required
  • Features

    • 100 % solid (0 % VOCs)
    • Quick initial curing
    • Excellent tensile strength and resistance to abrasion and impact
    • Excellent adhseion
    • Excellent resistance to chemical and oil
    • Excellent resistance to water ans salt water
  • Dry properties

    • Tensile Strenth ASTM: D412    3600±200 psi
    • Elongation:    50 %
    • Hardness  Shore D    65 (above)
    • Adhesion strength    2000 psi (above)
    • Adhesion resistance:    2,5 kg/m
    • Impact resistance:    20 min
    • Tack Free Time 20min



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