POLYTOP HLP is a dual-component, low-temperature, and lowpressured spray Hybrid type polyurea coating material. It is an environment-friendly spray material that is 100% solid with zero % of volatile organic compounds and is designed for spraying under lower temperature and lower pressure conditions.

  • Use

    • For waterproof coating of concrete and wood structures.
    • For small scale coating and repair
    • In areas where low-temperature and low-pressure spraying is needed
    • In areas where high-temperature and high-pressure system is unavailable
    • For areas where decoration is needed such as exterior walls and flat


  • Features


    • 100% solid (Zero % VOCs)
    • Eco-friendly coating material
    • Fast initial curing
    • Light weight equipment
    • Economic spraying equipment
    • Simplified spray coating system
  • Dry properties


    Tensile strength ASTM D 412  1800±100 psi  

    Elongation  450±50% 

    Hardness (Shore) 75-85 (A)

    Tear strength  55±10 N/㎟ 

    Abrasion resistance (1kg ,1000rev)  55mg(CS-17)

    Impact resistance (Thickness 1mm)  Above 1.0kg.m

    Tack free time  10-15 sec



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