Aqua vers 20


VersaFlex AquaVers 20 is a two-component isocyanate and resin blend primer for use on a variety of substrates.AquaVers 20 may be diluted to reduce viscosity. AquaVers 20 has a working time of 45 minutes. Ponding on the surface is to be avoided.

VersaFlex AquaVers 20 primer may be used with allVersaFlex rapid curing polyurea sealants and spray coatings systems. It is designed for use in both interior and exterior priming situations.

  • Use


    • No VOC’s
    • Low viscosity, odorless
    • 100% Solids
    • Penetrating Sealer
    • Formulated as a System with VersaFlex Products
    • Reduces pin-holes
    • Applied by spray, squeegee, brush or roller
    • Increases adhesion of coating to concrete



  • Features


    • Application Temp, °F     20° +
    • Recoat Window     72 hours

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