UltraVers 350™ Aromatic is a 100% solids elastomeric polyurea developed for applications requiring added strength and abrasion resistance. UltraVers 350 is a volatile free, odorless system with enhanced color stability that is applied at a 1:1 mix ratio with plural component spray equipment. UltraVers 350 forms a monolithic membrane suitable for concrete and metal applications. As a result, downtime is minimized, allowing rapid return to service of the areas coated. It can be applied at a thickness of 10 to 200 mils in a single application.

UltraVers 350 is a superior coating material designed specifically for industrial applications receiving constant or intermittent attack from contained materials, subsurface hydrostatic pressure, most corrosive substances, and abrasive action. UltraVers 350 is flexible, accommodating movement of the substrate, yet strong enough to remain intact under all conditions except major structural dislocations. With or without reinforcements, UltraVers 350 may be used in transitional areas with confidence. UltraVers 350 may be used in interior or exterior applications and may be applied to concrete and other substrates in new construction and renovation work where time and temperature are serious concerns.

  • Use

    • Designed for Water / Wastewater uses where UV treatments are standard
    • Designed as a concrete coating, but can be used on other substrate types
    • Can be used in chemical environments
    • Higher pigment loading content

  • Features

    • % Solids   100
    • Shore D Hardness   43 - 47

  • Dry properties

    • Tensile Strength, psi 2000 - 2500
    • Tensile Elongation, %  400 - 520
    • Tear Strength, pli  335 - 450
    • Taber Abrasion, mg wt loss  150¹ - 250¹
    • Application Temp, °F  -40° - 300°
    • Gel Time  12 - 15 seconds
    • Tack Free  50 seconds



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