Open cell


Полиуретан (PUR)  OPEN CELL insulation foam has soft and fluffy characteristics and is a eco-friendly insulation materials that is suitable for both open and hidden surface insulation.

  • Application

    • All kind of insulation for the inner and outer walls of residential and industrial buildings
    • Insulation for the Roof and ceiling fillings
    • Ceiling insulation, noise insulation
    • Floor insulation
    • Insulation for the piping and foundation
    • Insulation for the buildings of architectural solutions
  • Properties

    • Net weigh is low, no more than 14-20 кг/м3
    • Possible to execute insulation for both hot and cold weather
    • Densely sets on any type of surface
    • Possible to proceed the insulation with spray and imposing method
    • No side effect to environment and human health
    • the duration of dryness is the lowest; 5-10 seconds
    • Imflamable
    • Provides no food for pests and doesn't create mold growth
    • Good compressive strength
    • No limits to ranges of application
    • Lasts long
  • Properties

    heat conductivity    0,023-0,0225 W/mk

    Density    14-20 кг/м3


    water absorption,%     1,5-2



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